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News For Sunday, May 16

Guns 'n' Statistics
Comments: 2 | Posted 39 hours, 41 minutes ago by Alex Ashby

Well, with the winding down of the E3 booze boob emotion-fuelled bonanza, the major headlines are slowly trickling to halt like the blood flow of an elderly gentleman who has, rather to his surprise, been shot through the chest with both barrels of an excitement-shotgun(TM). Still, that doesn't always mean that there aren't other things to get hyperactive about, but in this case there isn't.

First on the list is the news that after the release of Doom 3 (and for the first time in years) id Software will be concentrating on the development of a game which isn't based around Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein or indeed any other currently owned intellectual property. However, before you widdle into your socks with amazement and delight, bear in mind that what with John Carmack being the minimalistic sort of designer that he is (having once famously stated that he wouldn't have a 'crouch' button if he could help it), the likelihood that we will be presented with anything other than Doom 3 wearing a false moustache is a small one indeed.

But we at the Thumb do not pass judgement until proofs of quality have been shown. We do, however, tend to be cynical in the meantime. Especially when it comes to such indecipherable shite as the PistolMouse from MonsterGecko. This unfathomable beast of a controlling device is so hideously ugly that you could probably sign it 'Tracy Emin' and flog it to the Tate Modern for a few thousand quid. The features it boasts are...quite frankly, too unlikely to seriously consider other than its patented Wallet-Lightening System(TM) which was implemented with great efficiency.

Finally, on tonight's list of nondescript news item is...NUMBERS! Yes children, come with me and explore the excitement afforded by the ESA as we publish the results of this years game survey thing. Apparently it's all very fair and unbiased but no one really cares anyway. According to this census, roughly 50% of gamers are giving up the TV and movies in favour of their beige buddy. That's right folks, people are getting lazy to the point that they refuse to even step into the next room to watch the latest edition of...whatever it is they show on telly these days, I wouldn't know.

Halo 2 gets some Woo; Devil May Cry, May Acquire Stiff Upper Lip..
Comments: 0 | Posted 47 hours, 16 minutes ago by Bob Watson

Promising fully destructible vehicles, massive Energy Swords and twin-pistol gunplay, I probably wouldn't be posting about Halo 2 if I hadn't sat up until 7am playing Halo Co-op this morning..

Nevertheless, being reminded how damn cool it actually is has whetted my appetite for the sequel, plus the control mechnism for the twin-pistols (left trigger for your left hand gun, right for your right) sounds cool as fuck for some reason. Let's just hope they take the time between now and November to ditch the cut 'n' paste level design that plagued the original..

In other slightly-stale news, the new Devil May Cry 3 trailer is probably worth downloading just for the appalling nu-cheesemetal theme song; but with some impressively daft looking special moves already in evidence, we're hoping for a return to the curiously satisfying but completely vacant flashiness of the first DMC title. \m/ rock \m/

E3: Round three - Give me pain 'till I die!
Comments: 9 | Posted May 14, 2004
Even though work is the bread and butter, Idle Thumbs...

une légende du monde du jeu vidéo
Comments: 2 | Posted May 13, 2004
Oh joy! Oh rapture! Witness the Shrinking of Treehorn Another World! While my unreserved adoration for this...

E3: Round two - Opposable Thumb
Comments: 18 | Posted May 13, 2004
The Internet: The gopher like hordes of ravenous gamers...

E3: Round one.
Comments: 5 | Posted May 12, 2004
Although I'm not actually on the 'show floor' our...

Diesel Power : it looks a wee bit like Doom3..
Comments: 0 | Posted May 12, 2004
Or "Butcher Bay : Chronicles of Riddick" as they'd probably like you to call it if you were over at the VUG...

More than 2 screenshots released for GTA: San Andreas!
Comments: 3 | Posted May 12, 2004
After months of speculation fans of the GTA series can at last see some actual screenshots (3 in total) of Rockstar's latest...

Nintendo DS - It has games too!
Comments: 7 | Posted May 12, 2004
After 'revealing' the new DS system, Nintendo also cleverly announced a line up of games they will be releasing on it. These...

Pack your bags, I'll see you in Hell!
Comments: 1 | Posted May 12, 2004 by
Yesterday at E3 Todd Hollenshead, CEO of ID Software was heard...

Portable PlayStation shown at E3 - journalists fondly recall first time they ever saw porn
Comments: 4 | Posted May 11, 2004 by
I'd like to think of myself as a deep kind of person, not in the least bit superficial or shallow, always thinking of personality...

Phantom set for E3 spookiness : Who ya gonna call?
Comments: 3 | Posted May 11, 2004 by
Infinium Labs kicked off the E3 feeding frenzy early today, with the announcement...

Nintendo fails to pleasure games industry with premature ejaculation.
Comments: 7 | Posted May 11, 2004 by
Much like recent snaps of American and British GI's smacking Iraqi POW's around, the new...

Ghosts of Molotov and Ribbentrop smile on as EA and Microsoft seal deal
Comments: 0 | Posted May 11, 2004 by
Microsoft have finally settled their differences with publishing giant Electronic Arts, proving how serious they are about...

Halo 2 delayed until Nov. 9
Comments: 0 | Posted May 11, 2004 by
Surely it was inevitable. As dictated by the hallowed traditions of our venerable industry, another hotly anticipated, high...

Pikmin 2 haXored
Comments: 2 | Posted May 10, 2004 by
Owners of Action Replay for Gamecube rejoice; whilst rummaging among Pikmin 2's Japanese flavoured innards, those...

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